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Updated 31 January 2019

Apple juice workshop in Grønland

Deltakere i full sving på epleciderwokshop
Photo: Helene Gaillis, Nabolagshager
  • September 2019

  • Greenhouse Oslo

  • Free

Photo: Helene Gaillis, Nabolagshager
Neighbourhood gardens will bring out the apple presses and invite the city's residents to join in making homemade apple juice from fallen apples.

The event will be informal and homemade, with a wood chipper as the apple chopping device and a jack as the apple press.

In September, Oslo's gardens, parks, allotments and backyards are full of weighed-down apple trees. Many of these apples are never used for food purposes. Neighbourhood gardens are encouraging you to pick them and press them into apple juice in the apple juice workshop.

Bring as many or as few apples as you can. If you see a neighbourhood garden with apples on the ground, knock and ask the apple tree owner if you can help yourself. Ask friends and colleagues – perhaps someone even knows someone with apple trees in their allotments or a park with apple trees with apples that are not eaten? Remember the apples can have blemishes such as brown spots.

There will be some cleaning and a lot of cutting so bring a good knife with you. Bring bottles and corks or other sealed containers to take the tasty products home.



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