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Updated 31 January 2019

Are there mackerel in the Makrellbekken stream?

Dronningfossen i Hoffselva
Photo: Oslo Elveforum
  • Wednesday 4 September 2019

  • Hoff tram stop (Tram 13)

  • Free

Photo: Oslo Elveforum
Come and see if there are mackerel in the Makrellbekken stream.

The walk will depart from the assembly point at Hoff tram stop and follow the Hoffelva river up to the wonderful, "unknown" pearl that is the Dronningfossen waterfall. Here, where the Makrellbekken and Holmenbekken streams meet, the tour will move westwards, pass below Ring 3, walk up to Makrellbekken metro station, and then continue up to Holmen metro station.

Remember to wear good hiking shoes; the walk involves both asphalt and hiking terrain. The walk will take place regardless of the weather.

Start: Hoff tram stop.

End: Holmen metro station.


Oslo Elveforum - Hoffselvens Venner

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