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Updated 14 February 2019

Bee Tour (EN)

Birøkter henter honning fra en bikube
Photo: Matthew Bryce
  • 22-26 May 2019

  • Bybi, Bygdøy

  • Free

Photo: Matthew Bryce
Come along on a "jump on, jump off" tour with ByBi and learn more about Oslo's biodiversity.

ByBi invites Oslo's residents and national and international delegates and journalists to enjoy a tour in and around Oslo. We will visit green, pollinator-friendly roofs, flower meadows, farms focusing on urban farming, and art projects. The "jump on, jump off" tour will enable you to visit green, pollinator-friendly roofs, flower meadows, courtyards focusing on urban farming, insect hotels, and bee farms where the focus is on social entrepreneurship.

At Bygdø Royal Farm Nursery, where we base our experimental hives and art projects, you will have the chance to taste many different varieties of honey from Oslo.

Common to all of the stops is that there will be an educational bit aimed at raising awareness about biodiversity and the climate.



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