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Updated 6 March 2019

Bicycle and sewing workshop

Photo: Fagerborg Menighet
  • Thursday 25 April 2019
    17:00 - 21:00

  • Fagerborg Church

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Photo: Fagerborg Menighet
Do you need a check-up on your bike? Or maybe some clothes that need repairing? Come and get help!

Bicycle repairers from Kirkens Bymisjon Paahjul will provide you with a free check-up and simple repairs of your bike. Spare parts, if needed, are not included.

Inside the church there will be a sewing workshop from 18:00. Do you have clothes that need repair? Take it with you and we'll help each other patch holes or sew on buttons. We have fabrics so you sew tote bags, sewing machine, needle, thread and other useful tools.

Hotdogs and waffles for sale!


Fagerborg Parish

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