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Updated 31 January 2019

Bike riding school for kids

Syv ungdommer poserer foran en racersykkel.
Photo: Jonas Orset
  • Saturday 1 June 2019

  • Tryvann Tower

  • Free

Photo: Jonas Orset
Send your kids on a bike riding course – bikes can be borrowed for free.

It is important to start young so you develop good cycling habits for when you are an adult. Children and young people are invited to take part in a great trip through the forest and experience the joy of cycling.

If you do not have a bike you can borrow one from Green Cycling Norway. The route will take a maximum of two hours. The youngest will have the chance to ride around a small circular track or test a road bike under safe conditions, if they want to.

The event will take place over three days with different geographical starting points.


Green Cycling Norway

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