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Updated 31 January 2019

Bytt&Syng clothes swap market

Klesbyttemarked på SYNG
Photo: Emma S. Hidas
  • Sunday 7 April 2019
    16:00 - 18:00

  • SYNG (entrance from Akerselva)

  • Free

Photo: Emma S. Hidas
Let others enjoy what you no longer need. Here you can swap clothes, sing, and enjoy yourself with food and beverages.

Oslo's local Future in our Hands branch wants to partner with SYNG to raise environmental awareness surrounding the use of clothes and create positive trading alternatives for people. The resources it takes to make a single t-shirt include 2,000 litres of water and a large amount of chemicals.

Permanent local clothes swap markets provide people with a genuine alternative to buying new and thereby contribute to a much-needed reduction in consumption.

How does a swap market function?

  • Bring along up to seven nice, clean garments that are in good enough condition you would give them to your best friends.
  • Men can bring up to a maximum of 15 men's garments.
  • We accept carefully used men's and women's clothes, as well as shoes, jewellery and bags. Keeping acceptance standards high ensures you end up with good quality clothes in the swap markets
  • The clothes are sorted into categories in a closed off area. Come early so the clothes can be sorted before we open.
  • The clothes change owner via clothes swap tickets (you will receive clothes swap tickets for the garments you bring and the tickets entitle you to pick out other garments)
  • Clothes can also be handed in after opening, but the best will probably get a new owner in the first half hour.
  • Surplus clothes will be donated to charity.
  • You are only allowed to hold onto four garments at a time. That means if you find something you like, grab it using a swap ticket before you continue looking.


Framtiden i våre hender Oslo lokallag - SYNG

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