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Children's Open House

Barn leker i installasjoner i gaten under Barnas Open House
Photo: Terje Borud
Photo: Terje Borud
Bring along the family and enjoy an architecture and design festival with workshops and activities for children and young people aged 1-18 where they can explore, discover, experience, and learn about architecture and design.

At the Children's Open House, children and young people will have the chance to explore and experience architecture by taking part in workshops and activities, both indoors and out. Through building, drawing and experiencing, they will learn about architecture and sustainable urban planning.

The aim of the Children's Open House is to inspire the next generation of Oslo's residents and raise their awareness of architecture and the spaces between the buildings in a city, and in this way make them competent participants in future discussions about sustainable urban development.

The event is also to be found on Facebook.


Barnas Open House

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