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Climate exhibition at the Nobel Peace Centre

Bilde av fasaden til Nobels Fredssenter.
Photo: Johannes Granseth
  • December 2019

  • Nobel Peace Centre

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  • Adults 120, kids free

Photo: Johannes Granseth
In 2019, the Nobel Peace Centre will showcase an exhibition about climate and environment, in the spirit of Alfred Nobel. With the exhibition, the Peace Centre aims to create engagement through debate and action.

The exibition lasts from 4th May 2019 to 19th January 2020.

The Nobel Peace Centre invites you to an interactive exhibition about how creativity, knowledge and technology best can be used to create a more sustainable society in Norway and throughout the world.

The exhibition is curated with the user in mind, using games and interactivity. The aim is to get the visitors talking about the climate challenge and how to solve it.

The inspiration for the exhibition comes from the UN Climate Panel (IPCC) and Al Gore, who received the Nobel Peace Price in 2007, and Alfred Nobels vision of contributing to the better of human kind.

The exhibition will not point fingers, but try to create understanding, knowledge and a belief that we all can make a difference.


Nobel Peace Centre

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