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Updated 14 May 2019

Earthpreneurs 2019 (EN)

En gjeng med ungdommer fra ulike land som deltar på konferanse
Photo: Vilde Bang Foss
Photo: Vilde Bang Foss
Young Sustainable Impact is celebrating Oslo's sustainability and entrepreneurship and you are invited! With exciting startups, activity rooms, games, food, and music, followed by a party, it will be an event you will not soon forget.

Young Sustainable Impact was started by young people in Oslo as a response to the Paris Conference (COP21) in 2015 at which the entire world agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With a belief that innovation and entrepreneurship can solve many of the challenges the world faces, the young people are the driving force in partnership with experienced and established people.

In 2017, Young Sustainable Impact received 10,029 applicants from 170 countries for 25 places on the YSI Global innovation programme. That made involving the remaining applicants in creating a platform together a natural next step. The word "earthpreneurs" was coined at this time. The purpose of an earthpreneur is to make sustainability part of business as usual.

It is not only about the social and green factors – it is also about trying to understand the complexity of running a sustainable business and integrating this into its core activities. Earthpreneurs make up a global alliance aimed at achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals, where people from across the world solve challenges or come up with new ideas locally. It is about combining entrepreneurship and sustainability around the world.


Young Sustainable Impact

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