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Evolve Arena (EN)

Illustrasjonsbilde av utstillingslokale med en bil og store lysende kulisser.
Photo: Evolve Arena
  • December 2019

  • Norway Trade Fairs

  • Prices TBA

Photo: Evolve Arena
Come along to one of Norway's most important meeting places for sustainable innovation and technology.

Cities are changing Autonomous buses, drones and car-free areas are increasingly popular subjects of debate. Electric bikes, car collectives and urban farming are emerging. Recycling in all of its possible forms has become an everyday activity. The populations of cities are growing. New districts are being built in which buildings are not just buildings, they also contribute energy, are environmentally-friendly, and, not least, improve living standards. We are in the midst of an urban evolution.

While we used to associate smart cities with digital infrastructure, tomorrow's smart cities are about much more than that. These cities connect together their residents, the public sector, and business in a single ecosystem. The aim is to create better cities to live in and where the conditions for business growth are good. The keys to successfully creating the smart cities of the future are partnerships and skills.

At Evolve Arena you will gain insight, business opportunities, and a network. You will be shown how to transform a city based on the people who live there. You will learn about the possibilities within mobility and urban planning.

Norway Trade Fairs will host a two-day, world-class conference, Future City Expo, where exhibitors will show off tomorrow's solutions. With events and activities for both participants and the public, it will be an arena for inspiration where we connect companies, the public sector, academia, and investors.

You can read more about the event on Evolve Arena's website.


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