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Updated 12 February 2019
Communal voluntary work

Green neighbourhood café in Vålerenga

Photo: Vålerenga Bydelshus
  • Tuesday 26 February 2019
    19:00 - 21:30

  • Vålerenga community centre

  • Free

Photo: Vålerenga Bydelshus
This month you can attend a workshop to learn more about what we can sow already during the winter months.

Liv-Mette Gran will be holding the workshop.

In addition to being a price winning and enthuastic garden owner, Liv-Mette is active in Furuset allotment garden.

After a presentation you will be invited to try out what we have learned.

Sign up before February 19th to Kirsten Paaby: paaby.kirsten@gmail.com Tlf. 909 74 788

About the neighbourhood café

Vålerenga community centre, in cooperation with other organisations and groups, wants to "put Vålerenga on the map" and, as a neighbourhood, present its contribution to a green, sustainable city.

The community centre's 30-year history is part of a larger story about the importance of community action, local identity, and a sense of belonging. The centre has been run on a voluntary basis ever since it opened. It has provided a base for friendships and networks across generations and has become an arena for learning, getting to know people, and feeling a sense of belonging. These experiences will provide the basis for the operation of the neighbourhood cafés.

The centre has a large, friendly meeting hall on the ground floor where the neighbourhood cafés will be held.


Vålerenga bydelshus

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