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Green neighbourhood café: Handicraft workshop

Photo: Vålerenga Bydelshus
  • Tuesday 29 October 2019
    19:00 - 21:30

  • Vålerenga community centre

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  • Free

Photo: Vålerenga Bydelshus
Vålerenga community centre invites you to its neighbourhood café. This evening there will a workshop where you can make new things out of old material.

With the help of wire, empty metal boxes, old plates or ash trays we'll, together with artist Birte Kittilsen, make beautiful and functional objects like bowls, plates or candlesticks.

The workshop is open for everyone, women and men, young and old.

Register before October 22. to Kirsten Paaby - paaby.kirsten@gmail.com

About the neighbourhood café

The neighbourhood cafés will be a combination of small inspiration talks, practical activities, and social get-togethers They will be based on the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals – can they be anchored locally?

The following topics have been set up for 2019:
• Repair and clothes swap
• From rubbish to musical instruments
• Vegetable fermentation
• Using leftovers and home composting

Vålerenga community centre, in cooperation with other organisations and groups, wants to "put Vålerenga on the map" and, as a neighbourhood, present its contribution to a green, sustainable city.

The community centre's 30-year history is part of a larger story about the importance of community action, local identity, and a sense of belonging. The centre has been run on a voluntary basis ever since it opened. It has provided a base for friendships and networks across generations and has become an arena for learning, getting to know people, and feeling a sense of belonging. These experiences will provide the basis for the operation of the neighbourhood cafés.

The centre has a large, friendly meeting hall on the ground floor where the neighbourhood cafés will be held.


Vålerenga bydelshus

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