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Updated 30 April 2019
Guided tour

Guided sound walk from the Opera House to Vulkan (EN)

Photo: © OpenStreetMap contributors. Grafikk: Trond Maag.
Photo: © OpenStreetMap contributors. Grafikk: Trond Maag.
The walk is aimed at increasing awareness of the link between a climate and environmentally friendly city and its acoustic qualities.

This guided walk will take place on:

  • Saturday, 25.05 at 17:00
  • Sunday, 26.05 at 17:00
  • Tuesday, 28.05 at 17:00

You can also enjoy walks from Hasle to Tøyen (in Norwegian) and from Tøyen to Sørenga (in Norwegian) on the same days.

About the walk

Focusing on the sounds we hear in different parts of the city we become ear witnesses that all materials and surfaces of the built and natural environment can be treated as acoustic actors.

They alter sounds and influence their acoustic behaviour according to their material properties. This attention for sound as a public resource and quality will lead to a more sound conscious planning and design process to ensure the living quality in the city.

It is important to tackle noise pollution for example with noise reducing measures such as electric vehicles, low-noise pavements, noise barriers and cycle paths, but it is also important to recognise the opportunities to create positive sound experiences.

The guided sound walk in different acoustic environments of the city supports to explore these questions and to discuss the importance of architecture and design for urban acoustics.

Practical information

Meeting point at Sukkerbiten bicycle station (behind the Opera House) at 17:00

Duration approx. 90 min.

Please register in advance.

The language of this walk is English.

Read more about the project on this website.


Bymiljøetaten, Oslo kommune - Plan og bygningsetaten, Oslo kommune - Trond Maag, Urban Identity

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