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Updated 31 January 2019

Island safari on Midsummer's Eve

En gruppe mennesker står i en eng
Photo: Honorata Kaja Gajda/Norsk Botanisk Forening
  • Sunday 23 June 2019
    11:00 - 17:00

  • The dock on Hovedøya

  • Free

Photo: Honorata Kaja Gajda/Norsk Botanisk Forening
Do you dream of going on a safari with wild nature, animals, and plants you have never seen before? On Oslo's islands you can experience a wild world you have never previously noticed and celebrate Oslo's rich biodiversity.

Bring the family along and enjoy a journey of discovery on Oslo's islands!

On the day, you will be able to take part in wild flower tours, bumblebee safaris, birdwatching, and bat nights on each of the islands in the Oslo Fjord.

The islands in the Oslo Fjord are full of plants and animals that can be found in few other places in Norway. They are full of rare species, colourful wild flowers, woolly bumblebees, beautiful birds, and butterflies.

You will meet different societies on the different islands such as the Norwegian Botanical Society (plants), Norwegian Ornithological Society (birds), Norwegian Entomological Society (insects), Norwegian Zoological Society (animals), La Humla Suse (bumblebees), and geologists (rocks).

The Norwegian Botanical Society will organise plant tours on Hovedøya starting at 12:00. One of the flowers you will see is the county flower of Oslo, the mountain clover.

Meeting point: On the dock on Hovedøya.


Norsk Botanisk Forening - La Humla Suse - Sabima - Ornitologisk forening - Entomologisk forening - Zoologisk forening

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