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Updated 31 January 2019

Kids' marsh day at Fornebu

Tegning av ulike fugler og sommerfugler
Illustrasjon Jenny Jordahl
  • Sunday 8 September 2019
    12:00 - 15:00

  • Visitor Centre Wetland Oslo, Lilløyplassen

  • Free

Illustrasjon Jenny Jordahl
Did you know marshes are home to flesh-eating flowers? Bring the family along and learn more about the secrets of the marsh; far more than just golden cloudberries grow here.

Bring the family along to the idyllic old crofter's farm in Fornebu and explore the secrets of the marsh.

Coffee, squash and waffles with cloudberry jam will also be served.


Sabima - Besøkssenter Våtmark Oslo

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