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Updated 12 April 2019

Kindergarten Day of Song with "rubbish stomp"

Kvinne spiller gitar med barn rundt som synger
Photo: Iris Engen Skadal/ Krafttak for sang
  • Thursday 13 June 2019

  • Kindergartens across Oslo

  • Free

Photo: Iris Engen Skadal/ Krafttak for sang
Oslo's kindergarten kids will spend the day creating music with things we usually throw away.

Krafttak for Sang, Syngende Barnehage and Musikk fra Livets Begynnelse are launching the Kindergarten Day of Song in Oslo. Kindergartens are being invited to fill their kindergartens and local communities with song and create great experiences for young and old.

The kindergartens will receive guidance on how they can play on "rubbish instruments" such as tins, pipes and sticks, as well as things from nature, so-called rubbish stomp! Stomp is a form of music that is produced by creating rhythms using objects we usually do not use to create music.

Three common songs will also be chosen that everyone can practice prior to the Day of Song.

The Kindergarten Day of Song focuses on cultural sustainability by preserving good songs and passing them on to new generations. Musical development can also be an important component of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


Krafttak for sang - Musikk fra livets begynnelse - Syngende barnehage

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