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Open day

Maritime archaeology on Bygdøynes

Tre arkeologer tar opp restene til en båt.
Photo: Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum
  • Saturday 2 November 2019
    12:00 - 15:30

  • The Norwegian Maritime Museum

  • Free

Photo: Norsk Sjøfartsmuseum
Welcome to a day on Bygdøynes where maritime archaeology will be on the agenda with lectures and activities for children and adults.

On the day, you can catch two different talks on maritime archaeology at the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum. Children can take part in an "archaeological dig" between 12:00 - 15:00.

At 13:30, you can listen to a lecture about Thor Heyerdahl's archaeological work.
At 14:30, you can listen to a lecture about the Norwegian Maritime Museum's archaeological work that it has carried out in Oslo and Bjørvika.


Norsk Maritimt Museum - Kon-Tiki museet

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