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Mobility Week

Elektrisk buss i grønn natur
Photo: RedInk/Thomas Haugersveen
  • 26-31 August 2019

  • All of Oslo

  • Free

Photo: RedInk/Thomas Haugersveen
Throughout the week we will be arranging a series of activities and events that show how we will get around in the Oslo of the future. What will the city look like when we give people more space and when vehicles change?
Come and see what the future looks like on the streets of Oslo. Check out electric aircraft, autonomous postboxes, new pedestrian streets, hospital drones, shared mobility, and what trains, trams, the metro, and buses will be like in the future.

The week will offer specialist seminars and family activities.

Highlights will include the cargo bike festival and parade, the railway day for families at Oslo S, and the City Life Festival.


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