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Updated 21 August 2019

Nordic conference on emission-free buses

Photo: Ruter
Photo: Ruter
In 2017, ZERO and the Public Transport Association organized a study trip to Eindhoven to learn more about electric buses. Fortunately, we now no longer have to travel far to see and learn from larger fleets of emission-free buses.

In collaboration with the Public Transport Norway, the public transport authority of the Oslo region – Ruter and Nordic Energy Research we invite to zero emission buses conference, including launch of the largest zero emission bus fleet in the Nordics with a total of 121 zero emission buses. With field trip to bus depot with charging infrastructure and electric buses.

Over the next few months, over 170 electric buses will be on in operation in Norwegian cities, with 120 in Oslo. The large breakthrough for zero emission buses are now happening in Norway and the Nordic countries. Many cities across the Nordics are now starting large scale implementation of electric buses.

The goal of the conference is to share experiences of implementing zero emission buses to get ready for the coming large shift to electric buses in the public transport.


Miljøstiftelsen ZERO - Kollektivtrafikkforeningen - Ruter - Nordisk energiforskning

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