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Updated 14 February 2019

Norway Cup Trashathon (EN)

Gutt ser utover Ekerbergsletta under Norway Cup
Photo: Anna Andresen, Oslo europeisk miljøhovedstad 2019
  • 28 July-3 August 2019

  • Ekeberg Sports Hall

  • Free

Photo: Anna Andresen, Oslo europeisk miljøhovedstad 2019
The Norway Cup is challenging young people from different countries to come up with joint solutions to waste; a so-called Trashathon. An idea workshop at which participants will be inspired, guided, and challenged to solve specific problems together

This event will be held in English.

The Norway Cup is a meeting place for young people from more than 50 nations from all over the world. They all face their own local environmental challenges, while global challenges affect us all. Therefore, the Norway Cup will bring young footballers from different nations together in a group workshop where they will collectively try to find new solutions to issues such as the plastic in the oceans, waste going astray, and packaging, as well as to issues to do with institutional households, festivals, and other problems.

The issues will be presented by one or more business actors. The creative process will be facilitated by experienced service designers. There will be prizes for the best ideas.

The event will be part of the Norway Cup's focus on the Sustainable Development Goals and, in this context, especially goal 14, Life Below Water, and goal 13, Climate Action.


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