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Updated 31 January 2019
Open day

Open bakehouse at Losæter

Lite hus i glass og tre omgitt av grønne vekster på Losæter i Bjørvika.
Photo: Vibeke Hermanrud / Bjørvika Utvikling
  • August 2019

  • Losæter

  • Free

Photo: Vibeke Hermanrud / Bjørvika Utvikling
The bakehouse will be open with its warm ovens. Come and try baking different types of bread with heritage grains such as spelt wheat, emmer and Finnish rye.

Bring your family and friends and your own dough, or get your dough from the baker in Losæter.

Losæter in Bjørvika is a cultural institution without walls. Here you will find fields of heritage grains, a unique bakehouse, living topsoil and activities organised by the Flatbread Society art collective, Foreningen Losæter, and people interested in art and urban farming.



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