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Oslo Architecture Triennial 2019 (EN)

Flyfoto av to byområder tydelig delt
Photo: Johnny Miller
  • 26 September-24 November 2019

  • All over town

  • Free

Photo: Johnny Miller
Welcome to the Nordic region's largest architecture festival and one of the world's most prominent arenas for dissemination and discussion of architectural and urban challenges.

Oslo Architecture Triennale 2019 will challenge the supremacy of economic growth as the basis of contemporary societies and investigate the architecture of alternatives.

The chief curators of the Nordic region’s largest architecture festival are inviting architects, urban practitioners and citizens to explore the architecture of a new economy in which human and ecological flourishing matter most – the architecture of Degrowth.

The theme for OAT 2019 builds on the acknowledgement of a need to revise the pace and scale of extraction, production, consumption, development, and building that has driven the growth of industrialized societies and economies throughout the 20th century. Through fiction, art and performance, OAT 2019 will create a stage for imagining alternative societal structures.

With exhibitions, conferences, debates, excursions, publications, and other formats, Oslo Architecture Triennial 2019 (OAT 2019) wants to challenge the field of architecture and encourage the public to reflect on what is a good city.

Read more on the OAT website.


Oslo arkitekturtriennale

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