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Updated 10 May 2019

Oslo Hydropolis

Plakat med bilde av et kunstverk som viser vannveiene inn til Oslo fra Marka.
Photo: Espen Robstad Heggertvei
  • 16-27 September 2019

  • AHO, Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen

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Photo: Espen Robstad Heggertvei
The Oslo Hydropolis exhibition showcases visions of a future urban Oslo where the water is an active part of the city.

The Oslo Hydropolis exhibition will use physical models to showcase a vision of Greater Oslo as an area constructed around waterways.

The exhibition is looking for perfection and reflects on a counter-image of what the city is today. How would Oslo be structured if the geography of the water, its social utilisation, and adaptations to climate change were the guiding principles for the development of the city?

This is a utopian project in a broad sense – both critical and future-oriented – and shows how alternative scenarios can shed light on today's decisions and contribute to the future we want.


Arkitektur- og designhøgskolen i Oslo (AHO)

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