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Plant swap market in Grønland

Bilde av publikum på plantebyttemarked
Photo: Kate Milosavljevic
  • October 2019

  • Greenhouse Oslo

  • Free

Photo: Kate Milosavljevic
When Nabolagshager invites the public to a plant swap market, thousands of plants switch hands in a short, hectic period, and it is completely free. In October, there will be a cutting swap market.

The swap markets are an arena in which everyone can take part, regardless of background, income, and how green their fingers are. They are an attractive, green meeting place full of conversations about plants between friends and new acquaintances.

A plant swap market hosted by Nabolagshager is an example of the green economy in practice. The participants will share from their own surplus stocks and take part of what others have left over.

The principle behind the swap markets is simple: you can take away as much as you brought with you. If you turn up with five cuttings, you can leave with five cuttings. If you have ten packets of seeds to share, you will get ten new packets of seeds. You will get a ticket for each cutting, plant, or packet of seeds, which will function like a currency. When you find something someone else has brought along that you want, you can "buy" it with the ticket.

Experts from Hageselskapet will be available at the events to act as "oracles" and will answer all of your plant and garden questions.

Three swap markets will be held in 2019. In March, there will be a cutting and seed swap market. In April, there will be a vegetable plant swap market. The last market of the year in October will be a cutting market.

Swap markets help to raise awareness about plants, seeds, biodiversity, and, not least, they inspire people to live a green lifestyle surrounded by plants.



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