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Updated 22 February 2019

River walk along the Gaustadbekken stream

Photo: Trine Johnsen
  • Sunday 5 May 2019

  • Oslo Science Park metro station (towards the city centre)

  • Free

Photo: Trine Johnsen
Experience the natural world and at the same time learn about the history and future of Oslo Science Park and Frognerkilen together with Frognerelvens Venner.

The main theme of the walk is reopening You will hear about the social and political processes that resulted in the realisation of the blue-green facility at Oslo Science Park. At the end of the walk you will hear about the plans to reopen the lower stretch of the Frognerelva river. At several points along the river, you will learn about its diverse biology and complex history.

The walk will start at Oslo Science Park and end at the mouth of the Frognerelva river in Frognerkilen.


Oslo Elveforum - Frognerelvens Venner

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