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Updated 31 January 2019

River walk by torchlight 2019

Mann sjonglerer med fakler under Elvelangs
Photo: Helene Fjell
  • Thursday 26 September 2019
    20:00 - 23:00

  • Akerselva

  • Free

Photo: Helene Fjell
2019 will be the 20th year the riverside event has been held. Come and join in when the street lights are turned off and replaced by more than 4,000 torches and 100 cultural acts on the banks of the Akerselva river, from Brekkedammen to Vaterland.

Along the 8-kilometre long course of the Akerselva river the public will be able to experience music, dance, installations, etc., performed by both professionals and amateurs. In recent years, around 40,000 Oslo residents have taken part and this makes the event one of Oslo's largest cultural events!

Everyone who wants to, including institutions, private individuals, and volunteer-driven cultural organisations, can sign up with an act that will be allocated a place by the organisers.

The event will be free and is traditionally opened by the Mayor of Oslo. The organising committee consists of a representative from each of the four districts along the Akerselva river and the event is executed with a huge amount of help from volunteers.

The Akerselva river is Oslo's most important blue-green corridor and a recreational area for the people of Oslo. At the same time, it is also home to a large number of species of plants, birds, animals, insects, and fish. In addition to being a cultural experience, the riverside event is also a celebration of Oslo's unique nature!


Oslo kommune ved bydelene Nordre Aker, Sagene, Grünerløkka og Gamle Oslo

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