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  • River walk from Bestumkilen up to the Holmendammen lake
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Updated 31 January 2019

River walk from Bestumkilen up to the Holmendammen lake

Vindernfossen i Frognerelva
Photo: Oslo Elveforum
  • Tuesday 21 May 2019

  • Bestumkilen, the bridge over the Hoffselven river

  • Free

Photo: Oslo Elveforum
Follow the sea trout from the fjord and see how far they go.

Copy the sea trout and go upriver. Come and learn about the transformation of Skøyen, with the old Sofienlund and its 17-storey Orkla building. Up to the Old Hoff Farm and the magnificent, "secret" Dronningfossen waterfall with its 11-metre drop to the old ice dams at Smestad Farm. Onwards to the heart of Smestad that perhaps will become a little city within the city. Walk the splendid paved path up from Smestadkrysset right to the Holmendammen lake and the land that once belonged to two large farms, Østre and Vestre Holmen. From here, in the far distance, you can see Holmenkollen ski jump.

Meet up at the bridge across the Hoffselven river at the boat wintering area in Bestumkilen.

No weather reservations. Training shoes are recommended: some asphalt and some hiking through nature. The event is free.


Oslo Elveforum - Hoffselvens Venner

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