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Updated 22 February 2019

Environmental protection show for kids

Diverse grønnsaker
Photo: Magda Ehlers / Pixels
  • Sunday 18 August 2019

  • Sagene

  • Free

Photo: Magda Ehlers / Pixels
Come and join in green shenanigans with a theatre performance, face painting, a hobby workshop, and a sensory path.

The "Vær Jordens Venner" show will explore important themes such as caring for the environment and respecting other cultures. After the show, all of the kids will be invited to take part in a "vegetarian orchestra" workshop. Summer is harvest time. The abundance of fresh produce provides a good excuse to teach kids about plants and vegetation. And how fruit and vegetables can be more than just food, they can also be fun. The kids will make instruments from vegetables such as bell peppers, aubergines, cabbages, and much more. They will also perform a piece of music together. After the workshop they will be invited to a picnic.

They will also learn about the idea of zero waste and receive practical, handy brochures containing important rules for a sustainable lifestyle you can follow yourself.

Throughout the event they will be able to explore a sensory path. Kids as young as 2 years old will have the chance to experience a path that is rich with stimulating objects: different textures, shapes, colours, and natural elements. The path will be constructed in a way that lets them discover how the various elements feel under their hands and feet.

The event is part of the "Seasons for Ecology" project for children aged 2-12. The project includes four workshops and interactive performances inspired by seasonal changes over the year.

The event is for all kids aged 2-12.


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