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Updated 31 January 2019

Summer farm in Nordmarka

En gruppe personer på ni stykker fra flere aldersgrupper sitter rundt et bord ute ved et trehus.
Photo: Maria Andersen
  • April 2019

  • Frønsvollen in Nordmarka

  • Free

Photo: Maria Andersen
Come and take part in a day of activities at Frønsvollen, an old summer farm just 3 kilometres from Frognerseteren metro station.

Friends of the Earth Norway in Oslo and Akershus invites everyone interested to take part in traditional summer farm activities.

These will include whittling, sharpening scythes, and repairing bird boxes.

A tour of the Eventyrskogen forest area will also be arranged.

Frønsvollen will stay open every weekend there is no snow so that hikers can pop in with their packed lunches and enjoy a coffee and perhaps a waffle.


Naturvernforbundet Oslo og Akershus

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