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Updated 1 August 2019

The Garden Circus in Urtehagen in Grønland

Sirkusartister opptrer for publikum i en bakgård på Grønland
Photo: Beathe Schildrop (Mandel&Sesam)
  • August 2019
    13:00 - 17:00

  • Urtehagen in Grønland

  • Free

Photo: Beathe Schildrop (Mandel&Sesam)
Nabolagshager invites you to the Garden Circus, a neighbourhood party in Grønland with games and activities featuring local artists, juggling, and clowning around of a high standard.

Local young people will contribute with various activities such as face painting and competitions. Kids that pop in will have a chance to learn new skills such as juggling and the art of balancing.

The Garden Circus will be arranged in Urtehagen in Grønland, which Nabolagshager has run for years. On a public patch of garden a diverse array of urban flowers, bees, and neighbours from around the world will meet to contribute to and admire what well may be the city's tallest sunflower.

The garden is tended by the Green Team, local young people working summer jobs in Nabolagshager. The Garden Circus takes its inspiration from the multi-coloured garden and realises it in a colourful and memorable experience.

The event is free and open to all, but is especially designed for local families with small children.

The event is also to be found on Facebook.



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