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Updated 31 January 2019
Guided tour

The history of brick in Oslo

Fasade på murbygning i Oslo
Photo: Øyvind Buset
  • September 2019

  • Venue TBA

  • Free

Photo: Øyvind Buset
A united brick industry wants to take you on a journey through 200-years of the "brick city" of Oslo. From the old quarter to the newest district, Sørenga.

Norsk Murforum will take you on a guided tour and show you both the old and the new "brick city" of Oslo. The history of brick buildings in Oslo will be a common thread. The goal is to show that building in brick is not only economically profitable, it is good for the climate because brick is a robust material that ensures buildings a long life span.

During the guided tour, we will present a number of Oslo's urban spaces and you will be taken on a journey leading all the way from the oldest buildings to Sørenga.

There will be a presentation looking at the Brick City of Oslo and one looking at modern brick architecture such as that found in Sørenga and the National Museum.


Norsk murforum

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