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Updated 14 February 2019

The Losæter Festival

Barn og voksne høster gulrøtter
Photo: Vibeke Hermanrud / Bjørvika Utvikling
  • September 2019

  • Losæter at the entrance to Sørenga in Bjørvika

  • Free

Photo: Vibeke Hermanrud / Bjørvika Utvikling
Activity day for people of all ages in Oslo's own urban summer farm in the midst of Bjørvika.

Losæter is located in a public area in the middle of Bjørvika and is a green oasis dedicated to art and urban farming. The area has its own fields of heritage grains, living topsoil, pallet frames, vegetable garden, composting, and a sculptural bakehouse.

Around three tonnes of vegetables are grown in Losæter every year and during the festival the year's crops will be celebrated with music, entertainment, exhibitions, baking, tasting, harvesting, and much more.



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