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Updated 31 January 2019

The Omlek Festival

Et barn leker "tre kryss på rad" på asfalten.
Photo: Sébastian Dahl
  • Saturday 27 April 2019

  • Grønlandsleiret

  • Free

Photo: Sébastian Dahl
On the day, Grønlandsleiret will be filled with organised and unorganised outdoor games, workshops, playground installations, and cultural input for both children and playful adults.

During the Omlek Festival, the city's outdoor spaces, backyards, pavements, and streets will be filled with play. Omlek has collected games from different cultures in Grønland, as well as old Norwegian outdoor games. The event will be a sort of "urban spring release"; just like when cows are let back out into the fields, youngsters are let back outside to play in the spring.

Most of us have played hopscotch on the street or a superhero with their grandmother's tablecloth and a homemade mask, or have even built a secret fort from furniture and blankets. These simple ways of playing are not as prevalent today since cars have taken over our streets and mobile phones have become the new toy that is available round the clock.

The aims of the project are: to contribute to informal, spontaneous meetings between people from different cultural backgrounds and different generations; to inspire and give people the tools they need to play games using more simple resources, both inside and outdoors where it is safe to do so; and to "take back the streets".

Omlek is a project developed by Circular Ways and Growlab Oslo.


Growlab Oslo

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