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Updated 31 January 2019

The students' environmental festival

Telt, stoler og leker i en park i anledning Studentenes Miljøfestival
Photo: Studentparlamentet ved UiO
  • 3-4 September 2019

  • Oslo Science Park

  • Free

Photo: Studentparlamentet ved UiO
Students at the University of Oslo (UiO) invite you to celebrate knowledge and research as weapons in the fight for a better environment and climate.

During the festival, the Student Parliament, will focus on academia's role in solving environmental and climate challenges.

In the conference part, researchers at UiO and other research institutions in Oslo and the surrounding area will be invited to speak about relevant research and developments within the fields of the environment and the climate. There will also be contributions from other relevant stakeholders who will talk about green urban development and how larger institutions such as UiO can work locally to reduce their carbon footprint.

After the conference, there will be a concert will environmentally engaged artists.


Studentparlamentet ved Universitetet i Oslo (UiO)

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