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Updated 31 January 2019

Urban wild flower safari

Nærbilde av villblomster
Photo: Honorata Kaja Gajda/Norsk Botanisk Forening
  • Thursday 20 June 2019
    18:00 - 20:00

  • Venue TBA

  • Free

Photo: Honorata Kaja Gajda/Norsk Botanisk Forening
Come along on a tour and learn about Oslo's wild flowers. You can come and experience a new natural treasure in Oslo every day during Biodiversity Week together with the Norwegian Botanical Society.

The Norwegian Botanical Society invites you and your family to discover Oslo's natural treasures. You can come on a wild flower safari and learn about Oslo's wild flowers every day during Biodiversity Week. For example, did you know that Oslo is the place in Norway with the most wild species? You can experience green urban walks, tours of flower meadows, island safaris, and forest hikes.

All of the tours are free and open to everyone.

The wild flower safaris are part of Biodiversity Week 2019.


Norsk Botanisk Forening √ėstlandsavdelingen

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