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Partners and the official programme

In the spring of 2018, the City of Oslo issued an open invitation to all interested in taking part in the Green Capital Year. That resulted in 250 partners and more than 600 events.
Bilde av mange mennesker som mingler sett ovenfra
Photo: Hampus Lundgren

The criteria for becoming a partner, in addition to signing the Oslo Green Capital Declaration, was to contribute with one or more events in the official programme.

Oslo Green Capital Declaration:

Partner events would be marketed in the official programme and partners could use the official Green Capital logo in their marketing material.

It was also an option to become a “supporter” by simply signing the Declaration, thereby signalling support to the European Green Capital Year and the city’s ambitious work on climate and environment.

List of partners and supporters in alphabetic order can be found here (In Norwegian).

Network meetings

Through 2018 and 2019, the City invited partners to network meetings. The objective of the meetings was to gather partners across sectors to share knowledge and information, get feedback on how the year was progressing, and facilitate continued cooperation.

The partners who attended network meetings report that it was useful to have the Green Capital secretariat function as the point of contact with the municipality. They also appreciated getting to know other organizations and businesses working with climate and environment. Many have, as a result of the network meetings, initiated new collaborations.

Many partners used the network meetings to get new contacts and create new collaborations. Photo: Bykuben

The official programme

The European Green Capital partners all contributed one or more events in the official programme. For the events to be approved by the secretariat they had to have a clear focus on climate or environment and, preferably, be open for a wide audience.

Therefore, the complete programme available on the website consisted of events and activities organised both by partners and by municipal entities.

See the full programme here (in Norwegian).
See selected events in English here.

As the year went on, partners could add additional events. At the end of the year, the official programme contained more than 600 events ranging from large conferences and festivals, to guided walks along the rivers and neighbourhood cafés, seminars, and courses.

More than half of the events were considered suitable for children, while more than 40 percent were fully or partially directed towards a professional audience.

Many partners contributed during the Biodiversity Week. During the week the film The Wild Heart of Oslo was screened in Prindsen hage. Photo: Thomas Eckhoff

Impressive diversity

This is the first time hundreds of events focussing on climate and environment were gathered under a common “umbrella”. The programme contributed to raising awareness of the already existing engagement in this area, and offered a platform for new actors to come on board. Many of the partners have reported that they stepped up their efforts in 2019 as a result of Oslo being European Green Capital.

The official programme played a central role in the year and has been communicated widely towards the public.

Many partners have experienced increased participation in their events during 2019 compared with previous years.

More than halv of the events in the programme were suitable for children. Photo: Hans Otto Bordvik

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